Faculty Course Redesign Showcase

Listed below are the final projects of faculty who participated in a CFE New Faculty Support Series or Community of Practice.
Fall 2015
Dr. Randall Harris College of Business HIPs in the College of Business Capstone: Get Nextflixed!
Dr. Joseph Mollick College of Business Writing for Learning: How to Apply Data Mining for Business Intelligence
Dr. Elsa Gonzalez College of Education Focus Groups: Methodology and Research Strategies
Dr. Israel Aguilar College of Education EDAD 5304/6304: Introduction to the Principalship
Dr. Bethanie Pletcher College of Education I Wonder:  Using a Semester-Long Inquiry Tool with Pre-Service Teachers
Dr. Liana Webster College of Education Improving an Existing High Impact Practice in Two Kinesiology Courses
Dr. Mikaela Boham College of Education Alphabet Soup: Being HIP while using EBP to increase POEMs and DOEs
Dr. Heather Webb College of Education High Impact Practices in an Online Sport & Exercise Psychology Class
Dr. Joshua Watson College of Education Communicating Research to the Professional Community: Teaching Effective Poster Design for Academic Conferences
Dr. Toyin Ajisafe College of Education Two heads are better than one: Solving movement related problems: collaborating
Dr. Stephen Lenz College of Education Using Concept Mapping to Promote Diagnosis and Intervention in Counseling Students
Dr. Don Melrose College of Education Exercise Testing and Prescription Changing a Class, Changing a Professor
Dr. Hope Thacker College of Liberal Arts Tactile Tech: How current Scientific Research Benefits Vocal Pedagog
Ms. Wendy Moore College of Liberal Arts It’s HIP to be Published
Dr. Kenneth Iyescas College of Liberal Arts How the Music Rehearsal Model Translates to the Traditional Classroom HIP: Collaborative Assignment and Projects
Dr. Kelly Bezio College of Liberal Arts Making SparkNotes into a High Input Practice
Dr. Kathryn Santos College of Liberal Arts Shakespeare Un-Scene
Dr. Claudia Rueda College of Liberal Arts Bringing Latin America to South Texas: Researching The Local History of Immigration HIST 3304: Modern Latin America
Dr. Juan Urbano College of Liberal Arts The Constitutionality of U.S Border Interior Check Points
Dr. Raimundo Morales College of Liberal Arts HIP-Bones: A Approach to a Trombone Warm-Up (Common Intellectual Experience)
Dr. Jason Farr College of Liberal Arts Scaffolding the Undergraduate Research Paper
Ms. Andrea Montalvo Hamid College of Liberal Arts Collaborative Discourse: Undergraduate Ethnographic Research as a High Impact Practice
Dr. Helen Yu College of Liberal Arts Merging Theory and Practice: Integrating Team Learning and the Study of Intergovernmental Relations (IGR)
Dr. Dale Pattison College of Liberal Arts The Phantom City: Mapping Cultural Memory in Corpus Christi
Dr. Ethan Thompson College of Liberal Arts Piloting TV Criticism: Reading/Writing/Rethinking/Narrative Analysis
Dr. Eric Luttrell College of Liberal Arts English 233X Literature & Cognition: Three Cognitive Skills Exercised by Literature
Dr. Jeff Dillard College of Liberal Arts Building Better Citizens Through Service Learning
Dr. Stephen Doolan College of Liberal Arts Creating a more Integrated Experience between Coursework in First Year Composition for Second Language Writers and First Year Seminar
Dr. Jen Brown College of Liberal Arts Holistic HIPs: Integrating Local Environmental Awareness, Community-Engaged Learning, and Student Research in American Environmental History
Ms. Amanda Foy College of Liberal Arts Collaborative Work in Lifespan Development: Facilitating Deep Learning
Dr. Glenn Tiller & Ms. Chelsie Hawkinson College of Liberal Arts 2,500 Years of Philosophy: 15 Weeks of Reading Instruction
Dr. Michael Sollitto College of Liberal Arts Arguing About Theory
Ms. Amy McClure College of Nursing and Health Science Integrating Clickers into Pharmacology as a High Impact Practice
Dr. Valentina Postelnicu College of Science and Engineering HIP: The Calculus Debate: An Example of Higher Impact Practice Used to redesign he Evolution of Mathematical System Course
Ms. Terri Nicolau College of Science and Engineering Using Active Learning In A Non-majors Biology course
Dr. Aubrey Rhoden College of Science and Engineering Teaching Calculus I though Applications and Puzzles
Dr. Jordan Alexander College of Science and Engineering A Cooperative Learning Approach to Group Theory, its History and its Applications
Dr. Hua Zhang College of Science and Engineering Taking the Dynamics to the Next Level
Dr. Jeremy L. Conkle College of Science and Engineering Teaching the Importance of Writing to Science Majors in the Wetlands & Water Quality Course
Dr. Hussain Abdulla College of Science and Engineering Understanding Stable Isotope Fractionations From Students’ Nails
Dr. James Dogbey College of Science and Engineering SMTE 1351-Fundamentals of Mathematics II. Enhanced with Experiential Learning Opportunities
Dr. Isaac Kim College of Science and Engineering Fluid Mechanics Balanced by Experiment
Dr. Ruby Mehrubeoglu College of Science and Engineering Improving Learning through Technical Writing: Redesigning Writing Assignments and Rubrics for the Engineering Project Manager Course
Dr. Cheri McCollough College of Science and Engineering Implementation of a Natural World Approach in Learning Science Infusing High Impact Practice (Intensive Writing) into Science Teaching Education
Dr. Melanie McMahon Core Curriculum Troublesome Knowledge: Approaching Threshold Concepts in Information Literacy
Ms. Erica Garcia Core Curriculum International Group Placement in First-Year seminar
Ms. Amy Carter Core Curriculum Rethinking First-Year Learning Communities: The Writing Intensive Seminar
Ms. Jennifer Simpson Core Curriculum Retention Help: Utilizing Islander Success Advocates in Learning Communities
Dr. Rita Sperry Core Curriculum First-Year Seminar for Everyone Meeting the Needs of Incoming Students with Significant Credit Hours
Ms. Terri Howe Student Engagement and Success Creating Internship Opportunities for Military Veterans
May 2013
Ms. Chelsie Hawkinson Core Curriculum Program Go Climb a Rock: Becoming an Active Learner
Dr. Isabel Araiza College of Liberal Arts The Data Doesn't Speak for Itself
Dr. Tania Anders College of Science and Engineering Go Climb a Rock: Becoming an Active Learner
Ms. Marcia Venzon College of Science and Engineering Fundamentals of Mathematics: Engaging Activities
Dr. Scott Sherman College of Business Redesigning Leadership and Managerial Effectiveness
Dr. Susan Elwood College of Education Project-Based Learning: Lives In Context Cross-Course Collaborative
Dr. Sarah Ives College of Science and Engineering Fundamentals of Mathematics: Engaging Activities
Dr. Joseph Mollick College of Business A Project on Data Analysis and Hypothesis Testing
Ms. Melissa Culver College of Liberal Arts Thinking about Don Quijote
Dr. David Blanke College of Liberal Arts Introducing History a Course Redesign of HIST - 1302
Spring 2013
Ms. Jennifer Bray College of Liberal Arts Raising Expectations: Captivating Audiences at First Year Celebration Day
Dr. Josh Epstein College of Liberal Arts Link by Link: Non Linear Writing Straegies in Literary Analysis
Dr. Mary Fernandez Visiting College of Education I-POD Instructional - Partners Online Design
Dr. Jennifer Heil College of Liberal Arts Groping toward a better literary analysis without breaking limbs or egos on the way
Dr. Frances Johnson Visiting College of Liberal Arts Citing, Collaborating, Composing: Writing Research Papers Using 21st Century Technology
Dr. Brandi Kutil Core Curriculum Program Increasing critical thinking in second semester science students through peer review
Ms. Andrea Montalvo Hamid Core Curriculum Program Online and Blended Learning Course Design
Dr. Susan Murphy First Year Islanders What is the College Professor’s Role in Writing Development?
Dr.Karen Mccaleb College of Education I-POD Instructional - Partners Online Design
Dr. Patricia Olenick College of Nursing & Health Sciences Course Redesign in a Nursing Prerequisite Course
Dr. Stephanie Rollie College of Liberal Arts Getting Fish to See the Water: Assessing Learning in Intercultural Communication Using Initial & Final Papers
Dr. Magesh Thiyagarajan Science and Engineering Materials Engineering Course Design and Improvement for Effective Research Based Learning Environment
Fall 2012
Dr. Shane Anderson College of Liberal Arts Online Class Piano for non-music majors
Dr. Patrick Crowley College of Business Revising the ECON2301 Principles of Macroeconomics course
Dr. Tracy Calley Core Curriculum Program Experiential vs. Traditional Learning Among College Freshmen to Enhance Critical Thinking
Dr. Deborah Culbertson College of Education Reading Strategies: A format for understanding
Dr. Joe Champion Science and Engineering Developing a Senior Capstone Course: Math 4385: Applied Modeling
Dr. Jennifer Epley College of Liberal Arts Changing Things Up:Critical Thinking, Information Literacy, & Technology in a Comparative Politics Classroom
Dr. Jose H. Giraldo Science and Engineering Polling in Calculus I
Ms. Chelsie Hawkinson Core Curriculum Program Explicit Reading Instruction in FYLCP
Dr. Sarah Ives College of Science and Technology Course Redesign for Future Grades 4-8 Mathematics Teachers: Critical Reading Reflections
Dr. Lon Seiger College of Education Excitement in the classroom: The Magic of Creative “Hands on” Student Projects