Parent's Council Guidelines


The Texas A&M - Corpus Christi Parents’ Council is a group of committed Islander parents who enrich the college experience for students through generous donations. Donation amounts do fluctuate and all awards are subject to timing and funding availability.

**In order to give as many students as we can the opportunity to participate in this program we are unable to award funding to an individual student more than 1 time per fiscal year.

Parents’ Council Will Support Active Students who want to:

  • Attend state, regional, and national conferences
  • Compete in regional and national events
  • Demonstrate and/or participate at workshops

Parents’ Council Will Not Support:

  • Students that are inactive at time of event
  • Study abroad or state-side study programs
  • Recruiting events
  • Museum tours
  • Putting on shows
  • Faculty

Timing of Requests:

  • Requests must be received one month prior to first date of travel; otherwise, they will not be reviewed



  • Submit funding request; any requests received from students will not be reviewed
  • Follow up with the students to ensure understanding of award and responsibilities
  • Ensure that Parents’ Council funds are encumbered and that travel reports are prepared upon return
  • Ensure that proper travel arrangements and documentation are being made by the department’s administrative personnel and that students are adhering to the requirements


  • Each student is to submit a detailed description of the event and 5 photos with explanations to the Institutional Advancement Office (email to
  • Understand that the expense requests/reports will be approved provided that they reflect the initial proposed breakdown
  • understand that any unused funds from one student’s cancellation cannot be used for other students’ travel and will need to be forfeited

Funds May be Used to Cover:

  • registration, airfare, hotel, other transportation – personal mileage or vehicle rental

Guidelines for Encumbering Funds:

  • no p cards, only travel cards
  • all items must be in concur prior to travel
  • all awards must be encumbered to the appropriate account and subaccount (indicated in the approval letter)
  • travel reports that come through after the fact that were not encumbered ahead of time will not be approved, thereby causing the award to be forfeited (after the fact)

Guidelines for Reimbursements:

  • reimbursements will be approved if they fall within original approved budget
  • funds leftover from one category cannot be used to fund a different category without prior approval

Maximum per Event:

The maximum amount a student will be awarded will be governed by the location and purpose of the trip as designated in the chart below. The maximum amount to be awarded for any one request, trip, or conference will be $1,800 regardless of the number of students or faculty involved. Please note that there is no minimum amount per student to be awarded and that these funding guidelines are contingent upon available funding from donations.

Purpose of Trip
Max Amount to be
Awarded Per Student
Attend Condeference Only
Joint Presentation with Faculty or Other
Student at Conference
Independent Presentation at Conference



Rooming Accommodations:

  • rooms should be shared by students of same sex to the extent possible, given number of students
  • under no circumstances should a faculty member share a room with students